Engrave Beyond Border Limits

I apologize for asking this question again but I have yet to find a solution after searching the forum. I am trying to engrave a vector image but keep getting “engrave beyond border limits”. The vector size is well within the border limits. I read that it has to do with the acceleration settings, is this correct. I have played with a few settings but I dont know what im doing. I know this a very vague question, but I’m not quite sure what to even ask. Thanks for any assistance.

I dont know if this is whats happening but your image or everything you have highlighted needs to be entirely within the border you have set up for your machine

Ruida automatically adds overscan on the controller - and that’s the important part. On other machines we do it in LightBurn itself but Ruida will add overscan within the controller itself based on the max scan speed and your acceleration settings. The problem here is that LightBurn cannot really predict how far that overscan will extend from your design as it depends on your machine, the Ruida config, and which Ruida controller you have. So, basically, you just need to move your design further away from the edges of the machine limits until the error goes away. On Thunder Nova 35 I usually keep any scan operation about 2 inches from the edge. (Note: you can of course ignore this in the Y direction if you are scanning on X - which is typical).

I really appreciate the reply. Now…it would help if I told you the correct controller. I just realized I have the Trocen 3120. Sorry, still relatively new at this. Does this change how I would approach the problem? Thanks.

Ah - you placed it in the Ruida category (I’ve moved it to the correct category). I’m less familiar with Trocen - @Rick, can you confirm?

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