Engrave off in round jig

Hi Folks,

I have created a 4 inch round jig using Clackshacks jig system. As you can see from the photo below everything I burn is about 2.01 mm too low. I have raised my work and everything is fine. Where is this error coming from. I inserted the cut out of the jig and engraved a circle in the center or what I think is the center.

I have no clue what this is… I googled it and it came back with the Kreg system in work working…?

Might want to give us a link of some kind on how you set this up.

It’s apparently low on the Y axes, if up is the Y axes in the photo.

Did you use absolute coordinates or a user origin?


Clack Shack is a youtube guy. I have watched many of his videos and downloaded his Jig system for Xtool Di Pro. I did use absolute coordinates. After a coaster I noticed that it will not be in the center after Snap to center. I placed the cut out piece of the jig back in and cut a circle a bit smaller than tool.
The larger portion is in the upper side of burn.

I’ve never heard of him, so I don’t know how they directed you do setup your template, so I can’t tell you much…

As a general rule, you should make your photos oriented in a normal way or specify the their orientation relative to the machines axes.

I still don’t have enough information to help you figure out what the problem is.

At least give is a video link.


Here is a picture of jig in machine.

Are the holes for the ‘product’?

How is the jig secured in place?

I do this quite often…


Yes Sir, The holes are for product (Coasters).
The Jig is attached to the legs via holes the size of the legs. Nothing should move?

That’s what I’m wondering… It’s off vertically (Y axes) by a small amount.

It might be they way you secure the jig, are you sure it’s repeatable within these limits?


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