Engrave on Stone Newbie

Is it doable to engrave this image to slate stone?

Which image?

Engraving on slate is straightforward, just be aware that a lot of stuff sold as slate is stone chip in acrylic binder and is just going to bubble and burn

I picked this up from Craigslist, some leftover from diy patio. I will check with my brother before using. Is there a general setting to start off with? Thanks, Lucie

Not really… depends on the type of stone.
When I laser rocks I tend to start low power (12%), medium speed (250mm/sec:) and go up from there.
I have a 100w laser

Oooops, forgot to upload the image…
Lizzard Lounge.lbrn (51.1 KB)

Could you please go to your profile and update your machine type and wattage? It’s hard to make settings suggestions without knowing what machine and I can rarely remember who’s got what without looking…


I am using laser at Rochester Makerspace. I have no idea, but will check it out and get back to you.

I burned some slate from Hobby Lobby with my NEJE 30(7)Watt diode laser. Here is a swatch I did.

Notes are speed/power (speed=mm/min)

I forget what settings I used on the fill burn.


I have also tried my hand at slate and find it relatively easy to go to.
For this example I have used cross-hatch with relatively large line spacing, moderate speed (it is always moderate with me :wink:) and decent power. I started with too low power but just gave it an extra round with a little more.


40W laser with speed/power 100/10%. If you increase the power (higher than 12,5%), the engraving tends to yellow. If you decrease the power it remains white/gray.


Thanks everyone, we were at Makerspace at 9:00 am today so I didn’t get a chance to check my emails. We winged it, but didn’t do all that bad. Will be making a few changes after reading your posst and can’t wait to give it another try.


Your learning curve is reasonably steep up the hill, that’s fine. I love the green eyes of your lizard, now you just have to get the edges a little brighter. :+1:

If you spray the slate with a clear lacquer you get much better definition, and use fast speed/low power as stated in a previous reply, but this is something you will have to experiment with