Engrave pen and botlle with my diode 15w laser master in litghburn

i was busy a new laser trainee learning how to use light burn with my laser. I did very well than I . thought. Like in the restaurant business if you want to make a good dish you need to learn to do lot of testing, testing and testing. this is what I did. finally I came with a comfortable way of print and making my template as well. this a picture of my works.

  1. pwd 100/20 2 pass coated use acrylic paint from amazon
  2. pwd 400/20 2 pass coated use acrylic paint from amazon
    I now, can say I really like ligthburn It make very easy form to use.
    I a question, can light burn add color tools as features in the new upgrade?

What does this mean, exactly? :slight_smile:

for see example

LightBurn works in wireframe as default. You can select a view called ‘Fill-rendering’ but we suggest this for spot checking work and not to use while designing. It makes selection more confusing and can hide or cover important bits of the design, also making things confusing while in design mode.

The laser does not output color, so why are you wanting this option? Not trying to be snarky, genuinely interested. :slight_smile:

Hi Rick
color always the best way for client to see their work for approval before you can laser it. in the graphic all work need an approval before printed. I know the laser print in black in white. thus, the client want to see their work as well. the color always make a difference -see attached a demo to important of having color text.

LightBurn does not support color in the way you are thinking, no.

the idea was a suggestion. about work flow efficiency

Oh, sorry…I read the following as a question.

We like getting suggestions and feature requests. :slight_smile: So much so, we offer a way for you to do this right at the top of this forum.