Engrave stops half way through and returns to start

So my laser/rotary engraved half the tumbler then returned to home and beepd as if it were done. I did same design yesterday, same ssettings, even framed fine. Why would it not complete the design?

Can you take the project off the rotary and engrave it flat on a piece of cardboard to check the design for fatal flaws?

It always helps to have your exact file for use to look at. Please upload it here using this icon…image.

No as then I will not be able to reporition it perfectly and I can’t waste another $35 tumbler. It engraved perfectly fine last night. Same tumbler, same settings everything.

Just changed colors of items done to see if I could finish. Rotary does not move. When I frame it, it just frames the area I’ve done.
I have design starting in center to lign up with label. Could that be the issue?

Got it working.

Is it a secret how you fixed it?

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