Engrave test speed

Have tried the Lightburn material test with 2 different lasers but operated with the same laptop. When running the test pattern, the line speed will change but the fill speed seems to remain the same. Seeing very little if any change in the fill rates.
Tried on a 2 year old Ortur Lm2 10w and a fairly new Xtool d1 pro 20w.

Are you possibly running at the upper thresholds of maximum speed? If so, you wouldn’t continue to see changes as speed settings are increased.

1st was set at 20 to 100 % & 3000 to 12000mm/m
2nd was 50 to 100% & 12000 To 30000 for mirror.
Those were on Xtool
3rd was 20 to 100% & 1000 to 30000
On 3 mm basswood ply with Ortur lm2

It sounds like my initial hypothesis was correct.

Ortur Laser Master 2 maximum engraving speed is roughly 3000 mm/min.

xTool claims maximum working speed of 24,000 mm/min. Realistically this likely much lower. I’d guess realistically around 8,000 to 10,000 mm/min.

Once you reach the highest speed of the machine, specifying a higher value won’t make it go any faster.

30000 is extremely fast, but I have zero experience with mirrors. My machine can’t do more than about 6000 in the built in material test because of the constant direction change. It’s always accelerating or decelerating and never reaches a stable speed.

I suggest making your own test grid using a big overscan value (5%), power scale, and “fill all shapes” so it can scan a full set of blocks and have time to get up to speed.