Engrave vector - acceleration parameters

I have new laser (LC1612Z) with ruida controller. I try to set accelerations and speeds but I’m still not happy with the result. I still have wavy lines.
I use lightburn and engrave speed is 55mm/s (8-10%)

my settings parameters is

and engrave line looks like this:
Will you help me please? What parameters should I set or what am I doing wrong?

at speed 20mm/s the result is also bad

That looks like a pretty severe mechanical problem. I would check all the belt tensions and the setting of the guide rollers before messing with the parameters too much.



Draw a 1" square.
rotate it 45 degrees (diamond shape)
Run it and watch the laser head. it should run smooth through the whole operation.
If it is jerky then you have mechanical problems to look into.

I tested square 25x25mm - speed 120mm/s

and with settings

Your settings are way off of mine.

Looks like you are using comas instead of decimals.

See my settings below

what machine do you have? can you please try to engrave my file (Download files - Filemail)? I go at a speed of 120mm / s and I set your parameters. my result is in the photo

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