Engraved images have streaks and wavey images

I’m using Lightburn 1.0.04. I have the YoraHome 6550 40W. There seems to be streaks when printing images. I researched the issue and saw where it was said to disable the smoothie clustering, but that option is not available to me, so I’m unsure of what to do and what the problem is. The laser is clean. The white spaces on the tile are from me moving it so that can be ignored. I sure hope someone can help me out.

Also, the images appear to be wavey. Any help with it would be great too.

Have you checked the frame? The rails? It looks like a belt or loose head if you ask me.

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The frame and rails are solid. I did have to tighten one of the belts up a little bit but not much. I’m not sure what the head is. Are you referring to the laser? If so, it seems to be solid on the machine as well.

Yes, the “Head” is the laser module. Check the rollers on that part. The head might be fine, but if the rollers are loose it can cause a wobble.

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I had a similar problem initially on a machine I built. Turned out the X rollers weren’t perfectly round, or had some sort of deformation. As the X axis moved, I got the same waves. Measure from peak to peak on the waves, and see if it matches the circumference of your X gantry wheels. I replaced them with spares and the wobble went away.


It could also be your speed and our power settings. Have you created a color swatch to determine the best speed and laser power.

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Thanks everyone for your output. It was really appreciated. I believe my issue was that the belts and rollers weren’t tightened enough. I don’t seem to have the issue anymore since tightening the belts and rollers.

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