Engraved Result got burn marks

Hey Guys,

Yesterday i made a new Project for my Family, which took 6h of Engraving.

Everything worked well until the end of the Image.
As you can see in the following image:

Full Preview:

And Here you see the Burned “corner”:

This is 9mm Plywood, i used 2700/min, 100% Power, No pauses, 6h engraving.

On second hand, i would like to know why the result seems to be “grey” instead of black?

Ive used a 300dpi png file, which i created myself on inkscape (exported as png). Image Mode was Jarvis, Number of passes 1

Here’s the used image:

And last but not least: The size of the plywood is a din a4 paper size, is 5-6 hours for this job normal?

If you created it. Why didn’t you make a vector?

Without knowing what you have, can’t comment on the time - mine would take 8-10 minutes to do that.

To get a better contrast, try the baking soda a spray - 1tbs baking soda in 500ml water in a spray bottle

Hey @Bonjour
ive got an Ortur Laser Master 2, 15W Diode Laser.

I gave it a try to Engrave a svg. Worked like a sharm.

Still some unanswered questions, anyone can help out?

Asking a question about asking a question in a forum dedicated to answering questions =/= most efficient use of time

You’ll get more responses by just asking the question. If you say, “I have questions” by don’t say what they are, no one will know if they can answer, and are less likely to volunteer.

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I’m sure i already asked, if people read carefully, they should see it :sweat_smile:

You can speed up the job a lot by going to Edit > Device Settings and enabling ‘Fast Whitespace Skip’ and give it a speed like 4500 mm/min or whatever your machine is capable of without skipping. That file, since there is no shading, would work a little better as ‘Threshold’ instead of Jarvis.

If you want it darker, you will likely have to slow down a bit, though that might make the weird burned corner turn up more. That is likely something inside the material, like filler, getting burned and causing soot.

I’m sure i already answered, if people read carefully, they should see it.

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