Engraveing pic on mirror

Hi every body, I am trying to engrave pic on mirror, after it’s done I can’t see the details beauty, but if I look in different positions I can see all the details and the pic beauty.
Can you guys tell me what I doing wrong?

Hi Zion,
are you engraving on the front, glass side of the mirror, or the back mirror coating?

I’ve done quite a few of these for other people. I usually reverse engrave the back of the mirror and then paint it. You can use any color you want. You can get some very nice results

I engrave the back of the mirror, i ask specifically about pic because text it easier, when i engrave a pic i cant see all the details only Viewing from the side and not in front, you can see in the photo i send

in my experience everything depends on the lighting behind the mirror. If the rear of the mirror is well illuminated then the details stand out with great clarity and luminosity. Whereas if there is no or weak lighting from behind, the engraving must compete with the normal mirror reflections, which will vary, depending on the viewing angle and the brightness of the foreground. This can be really quite unsatisfactory.

Therefore I always make sure my mirror engravings are well illuminated from behind and the results are most satisfactory.

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