Engraver homes, moves a small amount then Beeps and stops

I am having problems upon the start of the engraving process which sounds like a problem as it moves away from the limit switch. It will home without any problem. After homing then I start the engraving and right after it moves from the homing position (moves less than 1cm) it stops and emits a continuous beep. It is moving down from home when this happens.

What is the problem that would cause this? I’ve checked all my cable connections and can’t see any sensor damage.

Thank you for your help!

@ejones This seems to be a different behavior than the other folks are seeing, so I’ll move this to a new thread so we can address it there:

We’ll need to know the model name/number and something about the firmware of the laser engraver you have. When the Laser engraver connects, it will send a message to LightBurn. That message will be visible in the Console window in LightBurn and it should have the information about the engraver that we need.

The Beep and Stop behavior sounds pretty serious. The engraver may have offered an error message or an alarm message back to LightBurn in the Console window. If you see this, don’t retype it or screen capture it, please scroll back in the Console window, select the relevant text, copy it, then paste it into a reply here.

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