Engraver settings

Hi guys! So I’m using a 20w atomstack A5 to engrave some wood working projects. I have been trying to engrave deep enough to fill with epoxy. However, I have been having some issues and tinkering around with settings. Here is a Michigan state S and the Spartan logo engraved into some pine boards. Same settings, same laser height and everything. Also, what would someone recommend for engraving kinda deep into Cherry wood?

Are you using ‘line and fill’ in your ‘cuts/layers’?
This would give a better finish.
You will have to do several passes, probably around 100mm/s, I would use 60-70% power and brush clean after each pass unless you have air assist.
Not sure how deep you will have to go to use resin, i’m guessing the deeper the better.
Someone else may have a better suggestion.
Let us know how you get on.

Theres no benefit in not using 100% when engraving with a diode, unless you are using very light material, like paper, where you can’t go fast enough to not catch fire.

Adjust speed to get the depth you require.

Awesome, I had the speed set at around 120inches per minute with power set at 70%. The state S was done with 2 passes and I’m really just trying to get down to about 1/8 inch so the epoxy can really show the coloring well. Very new at this so reaching out for assistance before I start chasing my tail trying to figure out best settings.