Engraving 2mm grid 450x400 mm

I am new at using my engraver. Laser Master 2. I mean really new. I am trying to figure out how to engrave a grid pattern on my base under my Laser. 2mm squares 450x400 mm.
I am really having a hard time puttng this into the program
Can anyone help

Here is a drawing of what you want to do.

  1. Draw a vertical line and size it to 400mm - I set mine to lower left circle and at xpos 5 ypos 5

2a. Create an array of the vertical line.

2b. You want 226 of them, but Lightburn limits the array to 200. So, first create an array of 200 with 2mm spacing in the Horizontal and select OK.

  1. Finish the array by selecting the last vertical line, and array it 27 times with 2mm spacing Horizontal and select OK.

  2. Size the array to make sure it is 450mm

  3. Draw a horizontal line, and size it so it is 450mm

  4. Set circle to lower left, and place the line at xpox 5 ypos 5

7a. Zoom into the bottom lower left, select the horizontal line, and array it 200 times with 2mm spacing in Vertical direction and select OK.


7b. Zoom into the top upper left, select the top horizontal line, and array it 2 times with 2mm spacing in Vertical direction and select OK

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nice example :+1:

Hey Ralph
I got your message. Thank you. I have not been able tj do as you advised.
Do you gave a file of the grid that you could send ne to download on my program?
This would help me
Gordon Smith

Here it is.
450_x_400_2mm_Grid.lbrn (142.2 KB)

Thank you for your help and your grid program

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