Engraving 3mm cast acrylic and plywood

Hi there. I would like to engrave some acrylic and when I tried to do it it just cuts through. I’m going to have a practise tomorrow but before I go ahead, does anyone have any recommendations for my practice runs please? Also for 3mm plywood too. I’m loving Lightburn :smile:

Without knowing how powerful your laser is, it’s hard to recommend a starting point. Your best option is probably to use the material test generator to test a range of settings quickly.

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I have a CO2 om tech 60w laser. I’ve managed to do some tests so think I have a rough idea. What the recommend in the booklet seems quite high.

how familiar are you with Lightburn?

you want to keep in mind that there are process types. vector would be your hairline cutting, and raster is usually your fill process. on top of those you have image processing which uses several different dithering methods. (pixel organization)

so for engraving, you probably want to use a raster setting unless you are trying to achieve shading. do you have a sample of the file you are trying to run?

here is a sample of some cast acrylic engraving in raster mode i did the other day.

with c02 you also have to note that an “out of focus” technique is used sometimes to achieve the frosted look you want. i usually focus my 2" focal lense to the top of the material then raise my z axis almost 2mm.

lol the white flakes are just dust

let me know if this helps you.

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Thank you this is very helpful. Just going to have a play about to see how I get on.