Engraving a cross, The horizontal line engraving deeper than the vertical

Do you guys know how to make the cross engrave evenly on both the horizontal and vertical line?

Is there an option in lightburn?

Using a Ruida Controller with a w6 laser tube.

Due to the angle, or lack of it, I cannot tell if the cross piece is mounted on top of the vertical part. If so, the laser was out of focus on the You can try to defocus the laser down slightly to get comparable burns.

If it is one piece flat, that is another issue that has to do with the design of the laser diode.

If you don’t mind me asking, why are you trying to darken it with a laser? A propane torch for a rustic look or wood stain would seem to be a better idea.

This is likely an issue in the design. Can you post the .lbrn file for review?

Cross.lbrn2 (9.0 KB)
Attached is the file let me know what you think.

It should work fine…

You interval is pretty small… might try 0.10mm instead. I doubt you can get the 0.070mm that you have set.

It should burn the entire area the same.

The photo is very deceiving from the standpoint it looks like two pieces of wood on top of each other, the art seems to indicate you are doing the whole cross as a single piece…?

I think it might be a bit over burnt…IMHO…


The design didn’t have anything obvious that would cause what you’re seeing. But there’s almost certainly something going on. It almost looks like overscan isn’t working correctly.

Can you try burning this file? I’ve made a few changes from yours:

  1. cleaned up the cross so that’s only right angles
  2. reduced speed and power
  3. increase line interval to 0.1 mm
  4. removed “hide backlash” in optimization settings

Please provide an updated photo.

I’m hoping this will reveal some potential issues

Cross_cleaned.lbrn2 (3.7 KB)

Yours came out a lot cleaner.

Mine is on top yours is at the bottom.

If you run your fingernail from top to bottom, does it catch where the horizontal portion of the cross intersects with the vertical?

If not then it’s likely that one of the 4 changes above has addressed the issue but not certain which one.

You could experiment by reintroducing the changes at least for 2-4 one at a time to see which one causes the issue. However, it’s possible that geometry changes may have played a factor. But if none of the other changes make a difference you could reasonably conclude that the geometry changes were a factor. However, I don’t see why it should necessarily make a difference.

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