Engraving a list of names

Hi I am fairly new to this, I am trying to burn ?engrave a list of names onto wood, but no matter what I try it is very pale and I really need it to be darker and more visible.I would be grateful for any advice you can offer. I am using a Vigotec VG 7L laser engraver,I also noticed amessage saying it was not communicating with the controller, yet it is still working.

What settings are you using for speed and power?

I tried various settings, started at 6600 speed at 50% then lowered the speed to 4400 and upped the power to 85% and various other settings, but the burn was the same all the time, I even tried different materials, ply, pine and card the same each time, well except the pine and the burn was even worse. I am sure it is something I am missing in settings but I don’t know what, I tried changing $32=0 to $32=1 but it didn’t change it but added it to the bottom. I only downloaded LB yesterday and trying to get my head round it can be a problem to me until it is explained then I can get things and work it through.

LightBurn has documentation to help new users for this exact reason. Depending on where one starts, the learning curve can be considerable. Home - LightBurn Software Documentation

The entire document is worth review, with a focus on completing the Simple Project section to get a jump-start. :slight_smile: Beginner Walkthrough - LightBurn Software Documentation

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