Engraving a logo with shades

Hi everyone
I’m trying to engrave this logo but can’t figure out how to get the different shades. I’ve tried playing around with shape properties (contrast, brightness etc) but am still not able to get it. I uploaded 2 of my attempts at engraving to show how it’s engraving.

can you post the .lbrn2 file?

Are you using a speed/power or is dithering used for shading?


I would run each layer in a different speed/power.
And experiment what works for what shade.

Did you check out one of the ‘dithering’ modes to be more ‘photo’ like. You would have to convert it to a bitmap of some type… maybe a lower dpi/lip for the other ‘grays’?

You probably are limited on how much of a ‘grayscale’ you can get just by modifying the speed/power.


the size of the file, or the size I’m engraving?
The file size is 239kb, I’m engraving about 2" just as a practice to get the right shading but it will be bigger on the final product

I’m using speed and power. I’m still somewhat new to lightburn and haven’t engraved an image before so not sure what dithering is

The layer with an image has an ‘image mode’ that has various options for how the photos gray scale is translated.


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