Engraving a picture of a logo

Newbie here. Just purchased Lightburn after trial. Customer wants logo engraved. I downloaded the picture and nothing works. Xtool Pro 40 watt. Your help is appreciated. I’ve only used text engraving hardwood during trial.

xTool provides some suggested settings here. Using their suggestions on raster engraving for the type of material you’re working with (or whatever’s most similar) is a good starting point:

Note that the units they’re using for speed are mm/sec, so if you are working in mm/minute (or other units), you’ll need to convert those values.

If that doesn’t help, some more information will help us to help you. When you say nothing works, do you mean the engraving is coming out too dark, too light, or something entirely different?

@JTR suggestion is great…

Are you aware of the trace image functionality of Lightburn?

If you do better with videos…

If you don’t mind, can you post the artwork? We might come up with a better suggestion if we can see what we’re doing… :thinking:

Good luck


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