Engraving a screen grab off a greyscale STL file

Had a go at engraving a screen grab of a 3D STL file using a CloudRay compound lens, on my GWeike 80 watt machine onto Birch ply.

I used the following settings. Speed 200mm/sec, Max Power 17.50, Min Power 12.50, DPI 304, Image Mode Jarvis, Enhance Radius 5, Enhance Amount 200. The settings were a bit random, but I seemed to have got lucky!

As I have some time on my hands, I’ll try and get the settings tweaked, happy with how it came out though

Original file.


Nice work! Beautiful results. Could you show another image close up to see any of the depth in the hair or feathers…just curious.



Here you go Sasquatch. The whole image was 100mm x 100mm so I guess this crop is about 30mm x 30mm. :+1:

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Stunning detail! @CutAndBurnUK Thank you for sharing.


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@CutAndBurnUK where did you procure your file? I am looking for a good source of 3D STL files that are intended for Laser engraving not 3D printers or CNC routers

Thanks in advance


It’s probably as easy as loading an STL into Fusion360 (or Blender3D, Maya, 3DSMax, etc), rendering it out with that grey texture and white/grey/black background, then taking that render image into LB.

Or maybe google image search “3d relief”, “3d heightmap”, “3d grayscale”, etc.


Thank you @Blake missed that important clue …Also thank you for the search terms to use and suggestion on processing of the images.


Hi @Sasquatch I searched on etsy.com for 3d stl file and screen grabbed a jpg of the file as you obviously don’t actually need an STL file. This was just for testing purposes, should I intend to engrave an item for sale I would have bought the STL.

Thanks @blake for your short primer on 3D modelling, you lost me after “it’s as easy is” :wink:
I’ll stick with Google for now.

Although with some weeks of Corona lockdown ahead of me I could probably learn 3D modelling!

@CutAndBurnUK thank you for your reply. I have visited your web site and admired your awesome past projects and Pinterest likes.

Living the Pacific Northwest we seem to like very similar concepts especially Bicycles, Beards and Pubs.
I especially like your Bicycle Clock face and Bicycle Art.

Did you find those on Etsy or are they your Original concepts.

All the best


@Sasquatch thanks for the kind words. I think most of the bicycle work was original concepts. The clock was designed using a font that is made of bicycles and typing on a circular path in Adobe Illustrator.

We have a vintage bike group here in the UK called Velo Vintage, lots of bikes, beards, tweed and beer!

I cycled the Trans Am in 2010, Yorktown on the east coast to Astoria on the west. Then did Canada to San Francisco in the same summer, mostly on Route 1. Great memories.

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