Engraving after replacement laser tube, to powerfull and less controll

I replace my laser tube with a tube with exact same specifications (80W 125cm and 80mm diamter). Everything works fine but when i try to engrave with the old settings (eg max speed 200mm/s power 10% on 3mm triplex) this is so powerful that it burns clean through the wood.

I found setting that if i turn it down to 4% it’s more acceptable but I got the impression I lost the fine control of engraving. The bandwidth to play with is reduced to 4 till max of 10% power, that is not a lot to ‘play’ with.

Is there a logical explanation for this behaviour ? Can I change something to get more bandwidth back?

(I use smoothieware, min laser power 0.04 and max 0.8 )

If it’s a Chinese machine and you replaced the original tube it’s likely it wasn’t an 80w tube to start with

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