Engraving an SVG as one object on tumblers

I have an SVG of my workplace logo I want to engrave on a tumbler. It’s got 2 layers for lines and fills. Short of converting it to a bitmap, can I set up Lightburn so it engraves the SVG like an image, line by line, rather than jumping around?

It will jump around as that’s the way vector engraving operates, so it’s ‘no’ or I don’t understand your question…

Most vector graphics I do (or attempt to do) are at very low acceleration values. Lowering these values means it takes more time and distance to get to speed. Generally you have too much power as the machine can’t speed up (accelerate) fast enough in a short distance to reach a useful speed. The combination makes it tough nut… Some people like chuck types for this reason, but each has it’s idiosyncrasies.

I convert to a bitmap and run the speed I need on the x axes. I have a good rotary, a PiBrun V3.


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