Engraving and cut not lining up

My cut line isn’t lining up with the engraving on leather patches. The ones in the center look fine but the bottom left and right are off. If I make smaller runs it seems to be fine, all lines up.
I’m using 3 Boss LS2440 and all are doing the same thing. The PWM rising settings are all turned off and idle acceleration is at 2,000.

could it be the material stretching and contracting from the heat? Maybe stress is releaved when other parts of the material is cut?

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No… we tape it down. There is no movement. Been doing this way for 4 years. Just wondering if one of our settings got changed

Here is a better example of the error:


its leather… 2.5mm thick. Whats crazy, its only on the bottom left and bottom right parts of it. I am at a loss.

I have a new machine that arrived last week, once I get it hooked up ill try the file on it. Then I will know if its a software or laser issue.