Engraving and Cutting 4mm Acrylic settings

Hi Please can you assist me i have a 20w laser and i and battling to cut through the 4mm acrylic and i need the correct settings to help me do this please.

What colour acrylic are you trying to cut ?

it is clear

You will not be able to successfully cut clear acrylic with a diode, only dark colours. At least, I have never been able to

Oh dear that isn’t good

The frequency of led laser beam passes through ‘visibly’ clear material. Same with clear glass.

You can see the beam of an LED laser, visible light, but you cannot see an IR beam from a co2 laser… Acrylic blocks the ir frequency of the co2 and the the laser is able to apply the power to the material… to cut or engrave.

You can’t cut it and you can’t directly engrave into it’s surface… There are indirect ways of engraving, but cutting it is out, I’m afraid.

Good luck


Thank you for the help.

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