Engraving and cutting using Lightburn and Xtool D1 10W with multiple pass that offset

Trying to engrave some lettering and then cut out the design. I have the engraving set to 2 passes and when it engraves it is like the lettering is staggered. This is set to Fill, 186 in/mm @ 90% power. Any idea what would cause this?

Hard to say without more data but I’m guessing you’re missing steps somehow. Do you hear any kind of whining or grinding from your motors? If so, slow down considerably… let’s say 40% of your current speed. Do you still have the issue?

If skipping is not from the motors, then possibly loose belts or loose pulley. Make sure the grub screw is secured against the flat portion of the stepper shaft. Focus on the X-axis since that’s where you’re seeing the problem right now. Slowing down could mitigate these issues as well but better to address any mechanical weaknesses if they exist.

Thanks, yeah no noise from the motor or skipping belts, or hitting the boundaries. I had sped this up because of the depth it was engraving and that did not change the stagger issue.

What was the speed prior to speed-up? Were you getting this offset behavior prior to speed-up?

Is this a new setup for you or has this been running other jobs without incident?

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