Engraving and white wash

Im getting ready to do a burn and im not entirely sure the best approach for this one.

I want to engrave on some plywood i have left over from ACE hardware. It is 1/4 inch ply and i do not know what kind.

I am wondering if i should use my baking soda white wash on it, or not? Some spots are harder to burn, hence my idea to use the white wash stuff.

Second, on pine slats, i used 3000mm/min and 17% power to engrave a killer image of the mando, is this to fast for plywood? thanks

The only way to know how your laser will work on your materials is to run speed/power tests.

Everything anybody else tells you will be based on their laser and their materials, which are always different from yours. You’d still want to test their settings, so you may as well fast forward to your own tests.

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There may be adhesives or other contaminants on the surface. Before trying a wash I’d suggest trying a light sanding of the surface to see if that addresses the inconsistency.

thats fair. Im just looking for a starting point so i dont waste material since i haev very little of it. Tiles are very consistent, but ply is not. So even a burn test on the same ply could be misleading. one section could burn great, while another section of the same piece would not burn…

i think i need to just give up on this cheap ply i have left over from ACE hahaha.

ill try and make a burn test file. Ill start at 1200mm/min with differnt powers, then move to 1500,1700, 2000, 2500, and so forth.

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