Engraving beam offset

So… in cnc milling, the software uses the radius of the bit as an offset so that what is left is the intended design.

2 questions.

  1. Is there something like that in lightburn? An option to input your beam diameter.

  2. If not, is that something you can add eventually? That really would help.

For lasers, that’s called “kerf offset”.
In general the beam diameter is very small - 0.05 to 0.3mm, depending on your laser type and lens setup.
So in most cases people don’t overly worry about it unless trying to do something like cut pieces from two different materials that then need to be inlaid into each other with a very tight fit.
To adjust for the beam width (kerf) in that case, you can use the “kerf offset” cut option:

More details here: Line Settings - LightBurn Software Documentation

Not exactly what I’m talking about. Kerf offset is only available for line. Not fill.

Every engraving I do, I have to offset the text thicker or thinner depending on negative engraving or not. It would be nice to not have to do that.

It sounds like you are referring to “pocketing” in CNC milling. The term in Lighturn for fill is “line interval”

Nope. That is resolution. It does nothing to offset the engraving beam away from the geometry.

Here is a rough illustration
Black square = geometry
Red circle = laser beam
Blue line = laser path

What you are looking for is supposed to be available in the next release


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Not quite - it still doesn’t in-set the area to fill by the kerf amount, which is what he wants. It would be relatively easy to have fills respect kerf. They don’t work that way at the moment, but I’d really just need to add it to the UI and make sure it’s handled properly in the cut builder.

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I used to have to do it manually until the software I previously used was updated to create offset pockets. One workaround for now would be to offset the original shape in by 1/2 the beam width, and fill+line that shape, and switch the original shape to T1 or T2. The unconnected moves are small, and the line afterward cleans out the outer edge.

I look forward to it.

I also have made a discovery on my settings that affected it. It was only ever on metal coated engravings that I was having issues. I doubled my speed, drastically lowered my power, but increased my lines per inch to 1000. Huge difference in what it removes.

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