Engraving color

Will the areas I marked with blue engrave, if so how do I remove them?

The red areas are the transversal moves the laser head will make, these areas will not be engraved

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Nothing in red should engrave. You see the red because that is the laser traversing between the burn areas. Uncheck Show traverse moves in the Preview window.

If it does burn those areas, there may be a parameter that needs changing. I do not have a fiber machins, so I do not know the controller it uses.

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You can check/ uncheck “Show moves” or something like that on the preview window, red will all go away.

Yes, disable show transversal moves in the preview window.


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@Nuchie , 4 of us said the same thing. That should be convincing enuff.

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Maybe we were all typing at the same time!

The queston has been answered but for posterity…

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