Engraving dark on sides and light in the middle

Hi guys

So got my lightburn with my 40w CO2 laser… and cutting is fine but can’t get it to engrave…
As per attached pictures on short distances is fine but if line is more than 7cm the middle is not as deep/dark.
Checked the official documentation and only thing I can see is over scanning to be enabled so I did and increased to 5.5%…

Screens attached.

7% power is functional for a dpssl (diode), but less than most dc excited co2 machines will lase. You could be in that area. I have a 40W China Blue, it won’t lase at all below about 9.5%, but it’s not really stable at that percentage.

Many tube will lase below 20% but most of the known manufacturers claim that’s the bottom value.

A RECI of 60W has a noted output range of 12W to 60W, that’s a range of 20% to 100%.

  1. what kind of controller
  2. does it have a pot to adjust maximum current
  3. what kind of material is this
  4. increase power above 7% and test again

Good luck


will try again with 7% and it is veneered mdf so nothing special…will report back after another test :grinning:

I’d suggest trying it with another material…

You might want to look at how your scan is adjusted. It appears here in your photo… Don’t know if this is the material or you scan needs to be adjusted.

Good luck


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