Engraving darkness changes when going across gaps OMTech 50W

Anytime that there is a gap in my engraving i can see the engraving gets a band where the darkness changes, this causes bands in my engravings on my acrylic, they always tend to be in the same spot and I am not sure what causes it besides the gap. I have replaced my power supply and laser tube since and the issue has persisted. Lens is clean, mirrors are aligned and clean as well. if you have any ideas on how to fix this i would greatly appreciate it, OMTech support hasnt been very helpful, and im not sure what to do next :confused: This happens with any piece i do, whether its raster, been traced, vector etc.

I sometimes get similar aberrations with glass.

I assume the 2nd picture is more oriented to the X & Y axis of the engraving.

Low air pressure?

Also assume, it’s acrylic…


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