Engraving depth/power issue, see attached please

Ruida 6445, 900x600, 100w Co2

I hope someone here can steer me in the right direction to a cure. The issue I am having is hard to explain but here it goes…

When I am doing a single layer, vector, Fill engrave I get areas/lines that are not the same depth/power as others. If you look at the picture below the “red” areas are not as deep as the areas between the ovals.

300 mm/s, Max 18% (less then 10mA) Min 10%

It seems to do it over long distances that do not contain “On - Off” fire of the laser or scans that are engraved out to both edges. It doesn’t seem to happen in the areas lined in red pic below.

I ran another test. This time added “end stops” to one of the rows, seen in red circles. They are about 8.5" apart. It still showed a visible lump/high spot in the row just like above pictures.

You should set different layers, under each layer set the power of that layer, scan speed, etc

This is one vector, one cut layer. I think my red parts in the top-most pic is confusing :slight_smile:

You can break it up in your vector file and then set the layers

Just to clarify what you are suggesting…Its late, been a long day, brain is on auto-pilot, lol.

You think I should break out the sections that don’t engrave deep/hot enough and do them separately from the rest of the vector that is uniform?

Yes, I’m doing the decomposition in RDworkes, as shown in my diagram below

It also happened once before on this vector… at the place of this red line

200mm/s 12% power

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