Engraving depth variations

Im very very new at this… like a week or so old at engraving. lol
Had some issues with set up and Oz was kind enough to help me through that process! THANK YOU OZ!!
So… i did a test engrave (photo attached)
The laser started out not engraving, to engraving lightly, on up to… engraving in a really deep cut.

Ive posted my settings so I hope this helps.
Once again, im new to this so its probobly something really stupid on my part.
Everything I was engraving prio to this last week seemed to come out just fine so i dont know what changed.
thank for any help in advance.
Also I am now getting a hard limit prot error when i run the frame.

For starters, 30 in/sec is 762 mm/sec, which is pretty fast. Some machines will handle that without trouble, but you’re better off starting slower and working your way up.

The sides being burnt is a little strange - Ruida controllers automatically overshoot so they don’t burn at the sides, but there are cases where that might not be true. Double click the black swatch in the layer list to open up the cut settings and make sure the Scan Angle value is set to zero. If it’s not 0, 90, 180, or 270, the hardware overscanning won’t work.


When the hardware overscan does work, at 762 mm/sec you’re going to need some room on either side of the design so the head has room to speed up & slow down.

Check that first.

I did what you said but i dont have the Scan Angle value on my settings. Could it be im still on the trial version?

The only difference in the trial is the amount of time you have to use it. You may be in ‘Beginner’ mode though.

Click the image ‘Gears’ icon near the top-center of LightBurn Screen to expose the ‘Settings’ window and tick that ‘OFF’ (red)’

You will then have access to the more advanced controls within LightBurn.

Having said that, if you’re in beginner mode, you likely don’t have the ability to set the angle, so it should be correct.

Thanks so much for all the help. Just went ahead paid because no matter what I was getting this program!! lol
Also found a prior work buddy locally that was willing to help us out a bit and show us the ropes. He and his wife have been a godsend!! ( thats why I havent been on here bugging you guys lol)
Thanks again for all the help

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