Engraving edge is not sharp

Hi everyone, I’m new to engraving machine. My engrave machine is Ortur S2. I have been trying to engrave some small icon and logo around 5cm width for these 2 days. I realise that the edge of the artwork is not sharp.

What i have tried so far is to adjust the focus according to the instruction that i found online.
I recreate the artwork using lightburn coz i worry my illustrator artwork have issue.
But it seems not improving.

May I check is there anything that i can do so i can do a sharp edge of engraving?
Thanks so much.

You need tp post your settings or we have nothing to go on.

If you notice, then you have excess lines on the horizontal, it typically comes from too high a speed. The laser can not brake and stop in time. You have the option to compensate for that in LightBurn but in principle your speed is too high.

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Hi, my setting for it is Fill / 2000mm/min / 50% power / Pass 1.
I tried different speed and power, it has the same issue too.

Hi, thanks for reply. I will try to slow down the speed and see if it will help. Another photo of what i have try just now. the text is type out from lightburn software. The double line is very obvious while i use “fill” in the software. Setting is 2000mm/m and 40% of power. > <

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