Engraving faux leather padfolios

I am trying to engrave padfolios for my family. I can’t hit on the right settings. Have a Boss Laser 1630 , 70W and using Lightburn.
Questions; do I do this as an image? If so what settings?
I also traced and used both just line and line and fill but it tears up the padfolios. Tried lowering speed to 5 but no luck.
Can someone please help me? If I need a lesson, I am willing to pay!

What is “this”, that you are trying to produce? Share some images of what you have, what you want when complete, so we know what “this” means, exactly. :slight_smile: Where did you acquire these faux leather padfolios? Does the supplier recommend or provide any suggested settings?

What artwork are you starting with, a picture (known as a raster or bitmap image) or vector lines and fills? If you can, share a sample of the art you want to use.

Start with this and we can go from there.

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