Engraving from top to bottom


When I’m engrave this project it starts with just the bottom of the letters and skip’s the image.
After it is finished with the letters it starts at the bottom of the picture.
They are all set up as separate layers.

Is there a way to make it engrave from the top and down to save some time?
Or will it use the same amount of time when it engraves the way it does now.

Thanks in advance

Hi Frank, you could upload the file here, so I’ll play around with the optimization settings and see if I’m faster than you. :wink:
By the way, greetings from Fyn

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Hi and greetings from not far away from Oslo :grin:

Nice of you to give the file a try, thanks.
I have not spent much time optimization the settings.
But i see it now, maybe 20 minutes is a bit to much for this disk that is 79 mm.

I’m still using the eleksmaker A3 pro 2500mw.

But i’m looking at the 10w from Endurance.
Could this be a good laser when i’m going to change the one that came with the eleksmaker?
Or do you know of any other good alternatives?

Do you know of any place to find shapes and stuff to put in the library in lightburn?

Thanks in advancegod jul.lbrn (1.8 MB)

Frank, I’ll look at your file this evening.
Regarding your upgrade, my very own, private opinion is that you should not spend more money on diode laser.
I’ve been through it all, I’m very happy with my first diode laser, a 5.5 watt Eleksmaker, which has served me very well and has helped me get started with all the laser technology. But cutting just 3mm plywood with a diode laser is not fun, black stripes and 30 rounds to get through … It is possible that the new diode lasers which have 2 diodes, combined with some mirrors, can give something like corresponds to a real approx. 10 Watt cutting power - but sometimes it is not even possible to cut through 3 mm bad plywood with my real 35 watt CO2 laser.
My other laser has been a K40 CO2 laser which serves me excellently and has earned itself, many times. And I have even cut 16mm !! acrylic with this laser. 3-4mm BB plywood works just fine, I work with HDF and MDF on a daily basis, but mostly 3mm. Acrylic 2-6mm no problems at all.
What I want to say with that is, I paid about 300 euros for my K40, spent approx. 100 euros to “personalize” the machine, including a fine extraction. - What does a new diode laser cost? You might as well get started with a CO2 laser now and “save” some money - and - have a lot of fun.

This is not intended as a basis for discussion of what is the best laser … all lasers have their benefits for a given task.

PS. only minus about a K40, in my opinion, is its work area!
320x230mm is a bit boring, which is why I bought (today !!!) a 600x400, 60Watt machine and am looking forward as a small child to Christmas.

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I could not really optimize your drawing / settings, but setting the line spacing up to 0.15 will give you about 4 minutes. Try doing a “point test” to determine if you can actually produce 0.1 points. Or just try a single item with the lower resolution and compare the result.

If you have to make 1000 pcs. then it will give you 66.6 hours of savings, which corresponds to almost 2 working weeks here in DK :rofl:

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