Engraving Good.... Cutting Bad

I just bought the 2.8W Shapeoko3 All-in-One Laser and Mounting Kit Bundle and started playing with LightBurn. Engraving has been going great, however, no matter how many passes I run I can’t seem to make a true cut on a thin piece of balsa wood. It does make a nice line on the wood but I have run 20+ passes @ 100% power. I followed the setup video and as I said, Engraving has been awesome. I must be doing something wrong… any thoughts or can you point me to a troubleshooting help??

How thin a piece of Balsa wood?

Have you had a chance to use the ‘Focus Test’ built into LightBurn and first introduced in the 9.05 release? It will help you understand the process of getting the best cutting from your diode setup.

Here is a preview of what gets generated based on the above settings:

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