Engraving help problems with light colours

Hi I’ve been practicing no end but I only have a 20w diode so it takes ages to get anywhere.

Basically any light colours are washed out to the point there is no detail to them I’ll attach some pictures.

I use imag-R change the size to what the job is. Use new wood.
Import to lightburn select pass through , then this is where the finished product looks nothing like the preview.

Here are some pictures.


That is not a pure black/white image, which is likely why you’re losing a bunch of detail. Have you determined that Imag-R is needed to get the look you want? As in, have you tried just using the internal image properties in LightBurn first, or did you just go straight to using Imag-R?

If you import the same picture into LightBurn (the original, color photo), you can resize it, select it, right-click and choose ‘Show Properties’. From there you can adjust brightness, contrast, and gamma (mid-tone curve) and edge enhancement.

Try the following as a starting point:

  • Gamma: 0.7
  • Contrast: +5
  • Brightness: -5
  • Enhance radius: 5
  • Enhance amount: 200

Then set your image to use Jarvis or Stucki dithering, 300 DPI, and set your power and speed. See how that compares with the output you’re getting now.

I’ve been having a play, I did some editing in Gimp prior I’ll have to test these tomorrow night now due to UK time (almost bedtime)

I’ve got a lot more dots in the areas I didn’t have previously. Take a look , the last image is your advised settings. I’ll do a test and crop the image to a test size of both and try them. I don’t think my birch ply is the best to engrave.

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