Engraving image larger than stage

I have an AtomStack with a cutting area of approximately 16"x16". I’m creating a finished piece that is 18x24 so I’ll need to reposition the piece between cuts/engravings and I’ll need to move that art in Lightburn to do so. I have a finished SVG file that is the full 18x24. If I drop the entire SVG into Lightburn and align one corner to the original, that will leave a few inches outside the working area of the laser. Is there a way to let it burn and have it just ignore the items outside the working area without hitting the physical limits?

As another option, is there a way to crop all of the items (shapes, lines, images, etc) to the working area or by using another shape as a clipping mask?

I tried to create 4 separate SVGs in Illustrator by creating 4 artboards and exporting them separately and it does create 4 SVGs but when I place them in Lightburn, each of the artboard SVGs brings in the entire image (like the SVG doesn’t recognize the artboard export)

Perhaps this YouTube video will help…Cutting a single project larger your laser.

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