Engraving images are inverted and flipped backwards

On light burn the green and red dot should be in the top left corner according to the tutorial video I used. Instead it’s in the bottom left on the screen but the laser still starts from the top left of my machine. How do I get it to orient itself the correct way so I can easily use the engraver without flipping images upside down and backwards

The green square is the job origin and the red is the origin.

The original is set in ‘Edit → Device settings’ origin.


Great this fixed the problem for me and is now straight. My next question is how do I visually see the path the laser will take in order to size things correctly? I watched a video saying to press shift when clicking frame and you’ll see the path the laser will take. So far no luck from that. Anything else I can do to get better frames?

Did you enable the laser?

Screenshot from 2022-10-18 17-19-44


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