Engraving Images onto Wood

Good Afternoon,
I have a 100 watt red./black laser with a table area of 20x27 and Ruida controller. I am using LB 0913.

I am trying to engrave the attached image; however, I am getting

However, I am getting a frame slop error at the controller. In LB I am getting an error “Running this in your machine may be out of bounds” when I try to frame in the software.

Any suggestions or help would be appreciated?
Thanks- Mike

I would guess that you’re using ‘Current Position’ or ‘User Origin’ mode without fully understanding how that works, or you have the image off the page.

Read here: https://lightburnsoftware.github.io/NewDocs/CoordinatesOrigin.html

Thank you!

I went to absolute and was able to frame.

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