Engraving images with vertical lines JDS leatherette

We just got our Thunder laser Nova 35 80 watt machine Tuesday, so I am a lightburn newbie. Our first machine was a FSL Muse, so mybonlybinterface experience has been Retina Engrave.

We do a lot of hat patches on JDS laserable leatherette and I’m having trouble fine tuning the settings. When we engrave with the Muse, we only have 2 options, threshold or halftone dither. I have been running with dither and details are not as blurry as with a threshold setting. Notice in the picture, the vertical stitch detail is much lighter than horizontal, nd the vertical line is not etchingvthrough

I’m having trouble nailing down the setrings in lightburn to get clean patches. Vertical lines are the primary issue right now. The only way to get them to etch is to over power the material.

Do you just have a single layer set to fill? Is it a vector that you’re engraving or a raster image?

I’m not sure. My lightburn experience is minimal at best. The image I am trying to etch is a .png image with a single layer. The image was created in inkscape. Shpuld I export as a .svg and try it that way

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Does this happen with every material you try to engrave?
Meaning Vertical is not registering the laser properly.


I will have to test it on a different material and see.

I can’t see the whole logo but I’d try to convert it to a vector. Just use lines for those stitching lines and set the mode to line instead of fill.

so, run all of the lines as a vector cut at low power?

For the engraving issue, it could be that the lines are really narrow and when the sampling for the desired DPI happens they get faint. Running the rectangles as just a rectangle set to ‘Line’ mode would cause the laser to trace the line exactly once and give you a beam-width line.

You could also try widening the original vertical lines by a pixel or two so they’d be less likely to be missed. Use the preview to spot check before you burn so you can see if they’re really thin.

They are really narrow lines. I appreciate the explaination. I will play around with it more this weekend

@canyonridgedesigns would you be so kind as to post your adjusted output here. I am very interested in the outcome and to see if the thicker line will resolve your concern.



i had a similar issue. reducing the speed helped a little bit.

I spent a good bit of time with it last night. I’m still burning too far into the leathrrette. I’m going to redraw those parts of the design this weekend.

I got some decent results running those lines separately, but it increasrd production time significantly

If you run those lines as single vector lines it will be much quicker than engraving/scanning.

Thank you everyone.

I’ve tried the settings on JDS wedsite, and it still seems to burn too deep.

I’ll be working with this off and on all weekend. We are still running our muse, so I have resolved to keep running patches on it until I can get the Nova dialed in.

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