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Hey everyone. So I am trying to engrave a picture on wood and I cant figure out how to do it. I have a 5.5mw cnc laser engraver w GRBL 1.1 laser if that helps. Any pointers and tips would be greatly appreciated

Can you give a few more specifics? Have you gotten any results that are close but not good and you’re trying to improve? What settings have you tried so far?


I tried once and it was just black. I tried doing a ultrasound pic on dither. I got frustrated and tossed it lol. I believe it was 1000 @ 40%power

You have probably set the picture too dark… Did you use the preview screen to see what it would look like?

When you import your picture you then need to adjust the brightness of the image etc. In reality the image needs to be made much brighter than you would normally imagine or accept… I find the white can sometimes ‘blowout’ so change contrast to keep the edges etc… Keep looking at preview and see if the image can be seen.

You will be surprised how bright you need to make it.

It’s trial and error but I made this mistake too🙄

@beamer3.6 when I preview I I can see the image. Do you have the same type of laser?

I have a 3.5w laser on a 3018pro CNC using gbrl1.1 as controller.

I’m not sure how easy an ultrasound image will be as they are not usually great quality (resolution wise) anyway.

Maybe try a simple image (search Google for black and white image - I find screensaver pics are good quality) and then try that.

If you are using a 3018 CNC machine then look for the setup guide on this forum too.

I also use Jarvis as my preferred engraving type as this has given me the best results personally

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1000 what? mm/sec? DPI? Gramlits per fornight?

yes I am using a 3018 CNC machine. What should i search in the forum for that?

This is nice!!! ugh i really want to do stuff like this.


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