Engraving is bigger than the size I have in lightburn

Ran into an issue when I hooked up my Orion Motor Tech 60w with rotary. I went to dial in my rotary, Got everything in order & did a few test engravings and noticed even though my image is sized to 3x2 it engraves it at a size of 5x2. What am i missing ?? I can’t figure it out

You need to calibrate the rotary. Steps per rotation within the rotary configuration is usually the primary adjustment needing to be set correctly.

Lightburn Documentation for Rotary Setup

Yup did that. The people we bought it from engrave that and the roller dimensions on the rotary. Could it be off ? Or is there something else i am missing ?

Is the item a perfect cylinder, or is it tapered? Is the rotary rollers, or a chuck style? Is the extra length around the object, or vertical?

Its a roller style, The only tapered part is at the very bottom where the circumference goes from 3.375 down to 2.75 but the area we are engraving is not tapered & is perfectly round. It is around the object.

There are only 3 things that will affect that then:

  • The rotary enable switch
  • The steps per rotation value
  • The roller diameter

At least one of these is not set correctly if the design isn’t coming out right.

hmmm, I will check with the maker for the rotary, Should the rotary enable switch be on or off ?

If you’re using the rotary, it should be on. If you’re not, it should be off. The most common mistake is having the steps per rotation value incorrect. That can be different for each machine / rotary / motor driver combination, so it’s generally set up by trial and error the first time, and then you never have to touch it again.

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