Engraving is not aline


My laser doesn’t engrave aline. I always have a gap in between the exterior line and the interior one. The speed is already at 250 or 300 so i think it’s slowly enough and that is not the source of the problem. My settings are the following ones. Are they correct?


If anyone knows how the resolve this, please give me advice as at this moment i can’t create anything correctly.

Thank you very much.

This looks like a loose belt situation. Check belt tension. Remove any slack in the belts. They need to be taught with no slack but should not be stretched.

Thanks! it’s not easy to find the good tension but i will try it.

Error on the side of too much tension for the time being to see if you can eliminate the skipping. You can back-off tension once you’ve determined that was the root cause and if you’re seeing other issues caused by too much tension.

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