Engraving Leather with 5 watt diode

Raster Engraving on Scratch Leather from GreatCarve
Modified OLM3 with Opt Lasers PLH3D-XT-50
basic settings
4000 mm/min at 423 DPI
The power varies depending on Color from 12%-30%


Woow great work!
That dino really pops out 3D.

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@Aaron.F …Thank you

Nicky, your work is the finest I have ever seen !! Now for a tech question. What is difference between a $100 5W. laser and your 5W laser? I’m trying to justify the cost of your laser for another build project in the back of my mind. Thank you, Randy

His nearly $1k diode laser module has an adjustable spot size. The smallest spot is <50 microns, about that of my fiber.

The 423dpi … you can only do that effectively with a spot size of 0.06mm or less.

Not to mention he must have infinite patience. :face_with_spiral_eyes:


Yep, he has infinite patience.

@rcline @jkwilborn
This is a Hand Crafted Laser made in Poland
Almost 1/3 price is the High Quality Lens
The beam is 30 x 40 microns at 5 TRUE watts gives an incredible Laser Fluence
With a beam that small the Laser Machine /controller MUST be fine tuned and 0.9 Steppers are a must with TMC 2209 stepper boards
And a USB scope is a must to calibrate machine
First photo is under image at 847 DPI
Second photo is engraved on a piece of rice
Third photo is engraved on a piece of spaghetti
4th and 5th is an image 3 mm on a business card
Opt XT 50 business card 847 DPI
Opt Lasers  rice


Not sure what to say other than WOW !!!

Do you have any idea of the depth of focus on that lens or it’s focal length?

Pretty incredible on a piece of rice and the spaghetti. In comparison, my small engraving can’t hold a candle to yours.

Thanks for the explanation…


Thank you
60.2 mm pinpoint focus distance
I also have the Opt lasers PLH3D-XT-10 which is 500mW
10 x 10 micron beam Over 1000 DPI
NWT at 1000 DPI


Wood at 847 DPI with 500 mW

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That’s pretty incredible… even with 500mW…


Thank you

Tried rice once with a “normal” 10W diode, more black burn than engrave.
Really nice.