Engraving letter O is cutting solid circle

New user and struggling to convert from RD Works. My black setting was 10 58% 58% and I converted that to 600 58% 58% and my engraving was 250 45% 45%. I feel like the engraving is much more powerful. Does anyone else get that feeling?

More importantly however I’m engraving words and the laser now is engraving like the letter O instead of a letter it’s like a full circle engraved. Can someone help?

Click on Window -> Wireframe / Smooth to see the wireframe version of that.

Chances are that your inner shapes are on a different color layer. If you drew the holes as white paint in Illustrator, instead of cutting them out of the blue, they’d import as another layer, and viewing in wireframe will let you see them. They’d get mapped as the light pink color, which is the closest to white that LightBurn has.

If that’s what happened, select everything (the blue and the pink) and click the blue color on the palette to make everything the same color, putting it all on the same layer, so the holes are properly removed.

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