Engraving Letters Backwards

Help! I’m new to laser engraving. I have everything working well but when I engrave my lettering comes out backwards (mirrored). I searched and was told to go to Device Settings and adjust the “Origin” but there is no “Origin” button to be found. Any help is appreciated>

Try the side docked menu tabs. Laser. Probably want to start from Absolute Coords, not Current Position as in my picture.

CHECK the Preview, there is an invert toggle there.


If you are missing this, please post a screenshot…

Which corner you select as origin determines in which quadrant the machine will operate…

All machines home (absolute origin) at 0, 0 in the coordinate system

If it homes in the back/right then it’s operating in Quadrant III


Front/left, Quadrant I


If the software was given the wrong origin, it will generate code for the wrong quadrant, the art will be mirrored across the axes…

Make sense?


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