Engraving letters

I’m engraving letters for a stamp. To get the laser deep enough, the edges of the letters are melting at the power I’m using. Is there an offset I can use on engraving to “fatten” the text a little?

I am not sure I understand your wording but are you using ‘Overscanning’ in your setting for this layer? https://github.com/LightBurnSoftware/Documentation/blob/master/Operations.md#overscanning

You can also try enabling Ramp mode - if you set a ramp length of something other than zero, the power is ramped up / down to produce a sloped side for the stamp, which should help keep the edge from melting, and will help stabilize the rubber when making deep cuts.

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I don’t have an overscanning function. Tried ramp mode but didn’t change anything.

nb, it’s delrin I’m cutting, not rubber. it’s a hard stamp.

Ok, so your profile says you have a K40 + Cohesion, which means you should absolutely have overscanning available. What controller are you using?

ah, old profile. I do have K40 and cohesion, but this is for a Ruida controlled 80w 600x900 lasertech laser.

For the Ruida setup, you will not see this option as overscanning is handled by the Ruida controller internally. You should see the Ramp effect when viewing from ‘Preview’. What does your Preview look like for this layer?

Also, please update your profile to reflect your current configuration so we don’t have to ask and the information can be assumed to be up to date and accurate.

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For Ramp to work, you have to set Min Power and Max Power different - it uses the range between them, so generally you’d set the Min to the lowest that will fire the tube.

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aha, that’s very helpful Oz! I have left the minimum quite high as I’d found when cutting leather when doing sharp corners the minimum being set higher made the cut punch through.

I can’t fire the laser up tonight because it’s too late here to run the extractor (its extraordinarily noisy). I’ll knock the minimum right down.

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