Engraving Metal

I am a laser newbie so I need a little help. I have an Ortur Laser Master 2. I’m looking to engrave mostly pet collar tags and buckles on dog collars. Both metals. The tags are stainless steel and I’m not sure what metal the buckles are made of. I cannot get the laser to engrave the buckles. What settings should I be using and should it be the same for both?
Hoping some experts out there have some insight to help me out. The only intel I have right now with using the program is pretty much the basics.

as your laser is not very suitable for marking metal, it will only work with a good lens and perfect focus. My diode is 5.5W an can mark metal but it takes a lot of time to find the right distance to get a result.

I believe that you should use a coating like Ceremark , it sprays on and then fuses to the metal when engraved by the laser.

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