Engraving on small pre-cut circles

Hello, I am still trying to understand how to use my Atomstack Pro10S. I have come 2" diameter circles (pre-cut) I would like to add ingraving to the center, however, I’m not sure how to line up the laser. Should I tape the piece to the honeycomb?

The best thing to do is to find something the same thickness and cut a 2" hole (or several holes) in it and use it for a jig. Then your engraving will be in the same place each time.

@jkwilborn (Jack) made a good one here…

@JohnJohn’s advice is best if you’ll be doing this more than a few times.

If you have a one-off or just a few to do then you could also try these methods:
Option A:

  1. find the center of the circle using a center finder tool or other method. Make a small removable mark.
  2. select “Current position” as the Start From mode in Laser window. Make sure Job Origin is in the middle dot position
  3. enable the Fire button and maneuver the laser dot right over the center mark of the mateiral.
  4. frame to make sure the design will go in the expected location
  5. burn

Option B:

  1. LightBurn has a Circle Center Finder tool that allows you to find the center of a circle. It takes a couple of tries to get a hang for how the entire workflow works but this would help you locate your design onto the material.
  2. More information about this tool here:
    Center Finder - LightBurn Software Documentation

Recycled USPS priority shipping boxes make for GREAT jig material. I have also used 1/8" balsa.

I have a heavy scrap piece of 1 inch wood that I staple the cardboard to. Then make the jig cutouts a few hundreths larger than the part you want to engrave to make insertion and removal easy enough that you do not disturb the location of the jig material when swapping work pieces.


Yep… what they said. I purchased a bunch of cheap large stickers so it will stick down to my honeycomb. I cut the circle then set the piece into the cut area. Works well but the best thing I ever did was install the camera.

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