Engraving on Tiles

I guess I forgot to mention that you do not want air-assist… for the reasons you mentioned. I do, howevere, have a small personal fan 3-4 feet away, blowing across the worksurface, simply to keep the smoke/fumes from rising and entering the lens opening. This works well for me.

If it works as ‘we think’ it should work… Min/Max power related to the start or jump-off speed…

I tried it with both the jump-off and the start speed set to 50mm/s.

I drew a box, then deleted the right/left ends. Set one line to 55mm/s and the other to 45mm/s. Power of 20/10.

Ran the same power on both lines, 20%. Could not make it change power levels by speed, at least as I thought it worked…

These were just straight lines and it may be smart enough to compute that it doesn’t need to change power levels…

Might need to setup a circle or something that will cause it to ‘re-compute’.?

There isn’t much of a ‘delta’ speed change, but I’d expect to change across that range.

If you replace ‘jump-off speed’ in the chart with X, as X and Maximum layer speed get closer the power slope increases, get steeper… I’d think… ?

Do you know what is the difference between cut and engrave settings in the Ruida.?


Hi John . Further to my last email asking for advice on Tile engraving which I received reply and advice form many Forum members . Thank you all of you for great advice & I’ve learned more now. The last two weekends I spend much time trying out laser engraving using Norton and also Darkly Lab methods. I encountered some issues which I cannot understand why. After engraving the photo look really great. I spray with water to clean the burned paint off but when I try to wipe the tile with water the photo on the tile smeared and look totally destroyed. Can any advice what I have done wrong. My settings are Speed : 2000, Power 100%, engraving mm/min.
Thank you

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